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Happy Saturday!!! Had a long week!? Spirit needs a lift!!? Then today’s blog post is just for you!

Next on the KSimon Photography Blog - Bridgette and Kailin! Along with their beautiful portraits, today’s post celebrates their unbreakable mother-daughter bond and their inspirational story about unconditional love, unbearable loss, and renewed strength.

Bridgette is one of my dear high school classmates whom I had the pleasure of reconnecting with recently. Juggling her daughter Kailin’s super hectic schedule and other work/life demands, she informed me that professional pictures had not been taken of them in a very long time (since Kailin was about five years old). It’s amazing how time flies by, right!? When Bridgette asked me to photograph her and Kailin, I happily obliged and knew that the photo session would be very special to them.

The photo session occurred on a beautiful, sunny evening and was “great and enjoyable”, describes Bridgette. She also expressed that the session was a wonderful bonding experience for her and her daughter.

Gosh, I can’t think of a better way to close out this special Mother’s Day month of May than with today’s blog post! Please read on! 😊


Very close and supportive of each other, Bridgette and Kailin have such a special bond between them. I noticed this immediately. They are two inseparable peas in a pod….an undefeated team…unconditional love at its best.

Bridgette shared with me that parenting brings about challenges everyday. When Kailin was in a near fatal car accident last year, Bridgette recalls what a trying time it was - not knowing if her “baby girl” would survive or not. “But through it all, Kailin is the best kid ever”, says Bridgette. “Things get rough but we always get through it together.”

Kailin smiled as she recalled growing up and the times she and her mother clashed (typical between a mother and daughter!). She explains, “My mother and I have our moments but overall our relationship is really good. We have very good times together. The older I become, the more I realize that I am becoming more like my mother.” What a compliment it must be to have your child or children emulate you as a parent!

I certainly applaud Bridgette and Kailin. It is so inspirational to see how strong Bridgette is and how she has raised such a wonderful daughter. Both have overcome the impossible, which I will share next!


After going through a very difficult pregnancy with Kailin years ago, Bridgette’s father passed away - just three months after Kailin was born. Many people doubted she would make it through and destined her for failure. But Bridgette did not give up. She worked hard and achieved her school and career goals!  

Life definitely has ups and downs. We find ourselves either leaving a storm, in the midst of a storm, or heading toward one in our lives. In 2011, Bridgette’s mother passed away suddenly.

Bridgette explained how traumatic the experience was for her and Kailin because the cause of her mother’s death was unknown and happened so suddenly. She says, “It’s so difficult to have someone you love here and then gone. I lost my support system. I was so used to my mother being here. Our lives were turned upside down.”

Bridgette is a very strong person, but admitted that her mother’s death took quite a toll on her. On the other hand, Kailin was focused, kept her game face on and pushed forward during this difficult time. She was determined to achieve her grandmother’s wishes to do well, graduate from high school and make her proud. Not only did she achieve these things, Kailin renewed Bridgette’s strength.

Bridgette reiterated how her mother was such a big part of her life. However, she is very thankful for her daughter Kailin and realizes how this experience has strengthened their bond.

Bridgette encourages, “Anything worth having, you will have to fight for it. That’s life. You will have trials and tribulations, but they will make you stronger. You will want to give up, but you have to keep going no matter what." 


As this Mother’s Day month of May comes to a close, I am reminded of how we should:

  • cherish and celebrate the relationships with our mothers, fathers, mother/father figures, other family members and friends,
  • overcome our life challenges no matter how difficult things become, and 
    not take anything for granted.

Bridgette and Kailin overcame their life challenges and continue to so everyday. So can we! Photography continues to connect me with the most AMAZING people! And for this, I am truly blessed and thankful. 

Bridgette and Kailin, it was an honor to photograph your special mother-daughter portrait session! You both are an inspiration to us all. I wish you continued blessings, strength and peace!

Below are my favorite picks from Bridgette and Kailin’s beautiful portraits:


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