🍁 FASHION FRIDAY: Embellished, Vintage Fall Boots for Women / by KSimon Photography

Happy Friday loves!

With fall just around the corner, wearing your fall wardrobe will be in full swing very soon. I can’t believe summer is gone already!

Looking for some inspiration to look your very best this fall? Then I highly recommend making a bold, sophisticated statement with embellished, vintage boots! Oh, how I love vintage fashion! 😍


These boots are so iconic and will add flair to your fall outfits. My absolute favorites have decorative details mixed with beautiful patterns, yummy textures and a pop of color. So give embellished, vintage boots a try to kick your fall wardrobe up a notch!

I hope you enjoy today’s post and step out of your fashion comfort zone. Why wait until tomorrow when you can look your best today!? 😉

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Have a fabulous weekend,


[Photo source: Vogue]