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Hey there, loves!

Can I be transparent for a moment? Ok, here goes…

I receive a lot of feedback from my clients and friends that I should step in front of the camera more. They always tease me, “How are you a photographer but don’t like being photographed!?!?” Ha! I guess they raise a good point!

Being photographed has always been very tough for me given I’m such an introvert. I must admit that it’s ironic how I absolutely love taking pictures of people but shy away from being photographed. What can I say…I’ve always been a nerdy, behind-the-scenes type of person.

Well, it will take some time but I’m working on coming out of my shell. Whew! 😳I decided to wear my favorite color purple, coordinate my makeup with it, and try out a short hairstyle. Let me know what you think!

Much love,

Kimberly 💜

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