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Happy Thursday, everyone!

Next on the KSimon Photography blog today in honor of all 2014 Graduates - Kailin’s fabulous senior portraits and her amazing story of courage and perseverance to reach her goals against all odds!

I’m super excited to share Kailin’s absolutely amazing story with you today! I can’t write fast enough! Lol! The daughter of a dear classmate (Bridgette) with whom I reconnected with recently, Kailin is a 2014 High School Graduate with a heart of gold and walks…the…talk. I instantly became a huge fan of Kailin upon meeting her for the first time and was very honored for the opportunity to photograph such a wonderful and beautiful young lady.

Her senior photo session was so fun and cool! With only a few hours of sleep due to her busy school and work schedule, Kailin rocked during the photo session!

Impressed yet!? Just wait until you read more about her! 😉


Kailin is so full of life and has such a sweet and polite personality. However, her sweetness should not be misconstrued as weakness. She is a survivor and very focused on achieving her goals in life.

I was quite impressed with how smart and savvy she is. A Miss “MacGyver”, Kailin enjoys figuring out how to do cool things from watching YouTube videos. She even asked me very technical questions about my photographic techniques during her session. Kailin kept me on top of my photography game!

Blessed with a beautiful voice, Kailin actively performed in the Senior Honor Choir at her school. She enjoys shopping in her free time and her passions include art, hair, make-up, skincare and fashion. With her Rihanna-like, trendsetting style coupled with her talents, Kailin is certainly smart, sweet and sassy to say the least!


Kailin is an admirable young lady that has displayed an unthinkable amount of courage and perseverance. Last year, she was in a near fatal car accident in which she sustained very serious injuries.

Kailin was hospitalized for weeks and endured several surgeries for abdomen complications, as well as a broken arm. She also suffered from third degree burns on her lower extremities.

Doctors were unsure if Kailin would pull through. But guess what? She did!!! Kailin fearlessly overcame the odds against her and graduated from high school with a full Fine Arts scholarship to a local college. Her family and friends couldn’t be more proud of her! Way to go, Kailin!

Kailin’s post graduation plans include pursuing a career in esthetics in addition to domestic violence advocacy. She is a wonderful living example of how to have the courage to achieve your goals and to live life to the fullest!  


Kailin, it was a sincere pleasure photographing you to commemorate your 2014 graduation! May we all live our lives as fearlessly and fully as you do. You have a bright future ahead of you, and I wish you much success, happiness and blessings always!

Below are my favorite picks from Kailin’s fabulous senior portrait session:


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