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“Come in peace, but mean business.” - Janelle Monae

Happy Monday loves! I hope everyone is off to an awesome week!

Today, I’m introducing my 4th new blog series called “Memoir Monday”! This series will feature my personal accounts (to be posted on Mondays as my busy schedule allows 😉) of the trials and triumphs I’ve experienced and the lessons I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur.

I’m excited and humbled to share my journey with you. It is my hope that this series of blog posts will foster insightful conversations and help people who aspire to be a professional photographer and/or run their own business, other entrepreneurs, and anyone else who dreams or could enjoy/benefit from the information I share.

I started my professional photography business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2013. What a huge decision that was! Photography is not as easy as it looks (MUCH more that just clicking a single button on a camera to take a picture), and running a legitimate business isn’t either. It has been and continues to be A LOT of sacrifices, sweat, tears, pulling my hair out, and late (sometimes sleepless) nights.

However, it is one of the best decisions I could have ever made. To embark on a faith journey that is helping me discover the person I am meant to be, pursue what I love, and be trusted by my clients (some begin as total strangers) to uniquely capture moments that matter to them for a lifetime (or more) is so rewarding.

I hope you enjoy my new blog series, connect with readers/commenters of my blog (and me too, of course!), leverage it for knowledge sharing, and live out your passion/purpose in life if you aren’t already.

I will leave you today with “The Inevitables of Success” (source unknown) that my wonderful sister shared with me for encouragement to keep chasing my dreams and growing as an entrepreneur. It’s a scruffy looking quote picture with typos but conveys a powerful, motivational message. 😉

Never give up on your dreams. Never.


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See you on Mondays, and make it a great week! 😊

- Kimberly

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